How it works

A digital company establishment, step by step.

An new company in 3 steps

Bizantium gathers all information from the starter, generates the necessary documents and keeps all parties informed in a real-time dashboard. Once the file is complete, the etsablishment is authenticated with a digital power of attorney at the notary.


Company type?

Based on input from the starter, Bizantium generates a simulation that determines the ideal company type.

Establishment flow

Made your choice? In the establishment flow, we gather all the necessary info to set up your company.

Financial plan

We will prepare a forecast for the 3 years following establishment.

Any questions about your company establishment?

An answer to all your questions

Book a call with a start-up advisor

An answer to all your questions

Book a call with a start-up advisor


Generating documents

When completing the company type survey and the establishment flow, we collected all the necessary info from the starter to generate these documents. He or she gets an email notification when a document is ready for digital signing.

Which documents?

E-sign module

The starter digitally signs the generated documents via the Adobe Sign integration with ItsMe authentication.

Doc management

View, download and check the status of all establishment-related documents.

Bank integration

Open a professional bank account from Bizantium to block the initial capital.


Official establishment

File complete? Time to have the incorporation deed executed at the notary. Using a digital power of attorney, an employee of the notary can complete the establishment without the client having to physically be there.

After the establishment

Once the company is established, a number of formalities follow. You track the progress in real time on the platform.

CBE registration

We register your company with the CBE

Social security

We sign you up with a social security fund

Social contributions

We define the amount of social contributions you should pay

Your remuneration

We calculate the ideal company director's remuneration

Retirement savings

We set up tax-optimised pension savings

VAT activation

We activate your VAT number with the CBE

Ready to get started?

Great to hear! You can contact us right away, schedule a meeting with a staff member or test which company form suits you best.

Company type?

Doe de test! Ontdek welke vorm het best bij je past.

Call a starter advisor

Krijg een antwoord op alle vragen omtrent je oprichting!

Look and feel

An answer to all your questions

Book a call with a start-up advisor

Voorbeeldscherm output ondernemingsvorm survey

Company type survey

We ask the starter some key questions about the business he or she wants to set up. When do you want to start? How much turnover will you generate on average per month? In the final step, the starter builds his cost structure based on our best practice model. Leasing a car? We know from experience that the total cost is around €1,250 per month.

Voorbeeldscherm oprichtingsflow - bedrijfsgegevens

Establishment flow

The establishment flow is divided into 9 logical steps. Information already collected in the company type survey is not asked again. Using various integrations, the establishment flow makes calculations for, among other things, the company director's remuneration and the total cost of ownership of a company car. The final step allows the start-up to fine-tune its cost structure before generating the financial plan.

Financial plan

Bizantium generates a financial plan based on the starter's input. It contains all the necessary information the notary will need to prepare the draft deed.

Voorbeeldscherm document

E-sign module

We use Adobe Sign's e-sign module, combined with ItsMe authentication. Thus, all documents are digitally signed with an eIDAS-compliant e-signature.

Logo ItsMe Sign
Voorbeeldscherm Dashboard - Bankintegratie

Bank integration

To verify the deed of incorporation, the notary needs a bank certificate proving that the start-up capital has been blocked in a professional bank account. Thanks to our bank integration, the starter opens this account without leaving the platform. The bank certificate can then be uploaded to complete the file.