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We see the need for a digital way to set up a business on a daily basis among Belgian starters. Bizantium makes the process accessible and approachable.

Free simulation tools

Are you currently still working as an employee, and wondering how much you should at least bill per day as a freelancer?
Want to start your own company, but not sure about the suitable company form?

Check out our simulation tools! After filling in, you'll see your results immediately.

Any questions about your company establishment?

An answer to all your questions

Book a call with a start-up advisor

An answer to all your questions

Book a call with a start-up advisor

Entrepreneurship, made easy.

With Bizantium, setting up your company is child's play. We guide you through the process from start to finish. Via the platform, you provide us with the necessary information and monitor the status of your establishment.

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Don't take our word for it

Bizantium: single source of entry

Single point of contact for your establishment

Avoid back-and-forth conversations with multiple parties. We take care of everything in the background.

Provide all necessary information at once

Provide personal details once, we will make sure everything gets to the right place.

Any more questions?

Ask a start-up advisor about them! Book a free call below.

Frequently asked questions

We list the most frequently asked questions and their answers here for you.

Another question?
To answer that question, we built a simulator that creates a simulation based on your input.

Take the test!

Would you like to use Bizantium as an accountant for your clients? Then we have several packages for you, with a number of establishments per month. You still decide the fee you want to charge for an establishment.

Voor de starter kost een digitale oprichting van een bv gemiddeld €2099. Daarin zijn de notariskosten van €1099 en de inschrijving in het KBO van €105,5 inbegrepen.

All establishment costs are 100% tax deductible.

We brengen je in contact met een geschikte accountant na de oprichting, als je daar hulp bij wenst. Zelf is Bizantium geen accountantskantoor.

Through the dashboard, as accountant you and the starter monitor the progress of the establishment in real time. How much and what advice you offer in the process is up to you.

Self-starters are personally guided by our in-house experts in their digital creation. At Bizantium, 'Digital' doesn't mean 'Self-service'.

Rest assured: our flows are structured to take into account the latest fiscal techniques.

Moreover, as an accountant, you can use the admin panel to specify which tax techniques you want to bring forward.

We proactively look for the ideal way to set up your company.

In a nutshell

All-in-one platform

The starter is guided through the establishment process via a single platform.
Follow-up via a realtime dashboard.

Single source of entry

You provide all the necessary info once, Bizantium makes sure it gets to the right place.

Digital where possible,
human to human where necessary

A digital incorporation flow - which ensures you are off to a fast start as an entrepreneur, without wasting time on formalities.